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What is a Temporary Workspace?

The pandemic gave workers a whole new lease on life as they discovered the joys of working from home. The Adecco Group, one of the world’s largest talent recruitment and staffing agencies, reports that flexible working actually made productivity rise. Although many companies have made the change to hybrid or completely remote work, the need for a space for teams to gather still exists, especially for startups and entrepreneurs while digital nomads and freelancers may need a more formal setting than a home office. Temporary workspaces and offices can provide the solution to all their needs.

What is a Temporary Workspace, CoLab

What is a temporary workspace or temporary office?

A temporary workspace is an office space that offers a shorter lease than a traditional office rental. Unlike standard office spaces which may require commitments of periods from one to five years, temporary office spaces may be rented on a daily or monthly basis.

Temporary Workspaces Suit Many Different Needs

Temporary workspaces suit those with various requirements from their office spaces, including:

  • Those who need space for seasonal staff or project-based staff.

  • Businesses expanding into new territories.

  • Temporary office space for out-of-town team members.

  • Renovations or construction at current permanent premises.

  • A physical meeting space for remote teams.

  • Entrepreneurs looking for a formal space to work.

  • Startups that need spaces that grow with their teams.

  • Any business that requires formal conference rooms and meeting spaces for clients and investors.

Types of Temporary Workspaces

Temporary workspaces come in a variety of shapes and forms to fit an equally diverse set of business’ needs and budgets. Some of these include:

  1. Flexible Desks: These are usually available as day-to-day or monthly rentals where you can occupy an empty desk in a shared space for the day. These are ideal for freelancers who occasionally need a formal workspace with all the amenities an office brings as well as digital nomads and entrepreneurs looking for a budget-friendly space to work.

  2. Dedicated Desks: These are typically available as short-term rentals. A desk is assigned to you with lockable storage that you have access to 24/7.

  3. Private Offices: Private offices are ideal for teams who need to work away from the crowds. Private offices allow your teams to work together on projects while keeping things confidential. Naturally, private offices are lockable too, so your next big idea stays safe.

Benefits of Temporary Workspaces

Temporary workspaces offer a lot more than cost-savings when it comes to a place to work.

  • Amenities: Temporary workspaces are set up with all the infrastructure you need to conduct your business efficiently and professionally. You’ll find ergonomic desk equipment, superfast internet, printers, coffee machines and recreational areas, AV equipment, and a whole lot more.

  • Virtual Offices: Even if you have a business that works remotely most of the time, many temporary workspaces offer ‘virtual office’ schemes that give your business an official address. Ideal for an on-the-go entrepreneur or remote-friendly company, it acts as an address for your mail, gives access to meeting rooms and more. You can make action requests such as open and scan, hold, recycle, shred, or schedule curbside pickup for your mail.

  • Low Investment and Overheads: Renting a temporary workspace means you get a turnkey workspace that is ready for you to get to work. You can use your money to grow your business instead of having to use it for things like the aforementioned printers, coffee machines and more. Additionally, your rent covers routine maintenance, cleaning, and bills too.

  • Space to Grow: As you aren’t locked into a long rental term, temporary workspaces give you the flexibility to grow or downsize your office space according to your needs. For example, you can add more desks to your plan when you hire new team members or downsize your plan when temporary workers leave.

CoLab – Going Beyond Coworking

CoLab offers temporary workspaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, startups, and businesses who require a professional workspace. Equipped with conference rooms, phone rooms, printing and more, we offer all the tools you need to succeed.

We offer several different membership plans for you to choose from that range from day passes to rentals for private office spaces.

Get in touch with us via email, by phone 715-514-2275 or schedule a tour to come check out the place today!

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