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The Unforgettable Workation in Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Where Adventure Meets Productivity

Summer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is unlike any other time of year.

People conversing on rooftop patio with string lights at dusk
Pictured: Dive Bar; Photo Credit: @visiteauclaire

The city seemingly comes out of hibernation in May (as long as Mother Nature allows, of course) and live music can often be heard throughout downtown on any given evening.

Located only 90 minutes east of the Twin Cities, Eau Claire's vibrant music festivals, breathtaking parks and scenery, and charming local scene beckon to those seeking adventure. However, with the rise of working from anywhere, Eau Claire is becoming a summertime "workation" destination.

Music festival, crowd in foreground, large lit stage in center.
Pictured: Blue Ox Music Festival; Photo Credit: @visiteauclaire

As the warm sun paints the sky in shades of gold, visitors flock to Eau Claire for its renowned weekend summer music festivals. From the biggest names in Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, and now Emo and Pop Punk, Eau Claire has a festival for any music aficionado. But it's not just the festivals that draw a crowd.

Monday's Kickin' it Country, Tuesday Night Blues, Rock'n on the River on Wednesdays, and Thursday's Sounds Like Summer Concert Series offer free opportunities to enjoy local music every weeknight! These events are complete with food trucks, vendors, and games for kids, creating a family-friendly experience for all!

As a professional, though, how do you get work done on vacation?

Look no further than Eau Claire's Community Workspace, CoLab. CoLab is a coworking community located in the heart of Downtown Eau Claire. Offering flexible work options from Day Passes to monthly membership options, CoLab helps you get your best work done, even on vacation.

Have a quick call before you head to a music festival? Grab a day pass! In town for longer? Check out our punch card options. Eau Claire caught your eye and you're relocating? Monthly membership would be the way to go!

Our community of like-minded individuals helps fuel your creative fire, while the amenities of our space like fast wifi, coffee, and printing provide a comfortable and efficient workspace.

People on tubes float on a river in front of Performing Arts Center
Photo Credit: @visiteauclaire

But Eau Claire has more to offer than just music festivals. Nature enthusiasts revel in the city's natural splendor just steps from CoLab's front door. The shimmering rivers beckon, inviting you to embark on a notorious "float", a scenic hike, kayak adventure, or just a moment of reflection along their serene banks. As gentle breezes whisper through the trees, you can find solace in nature's embrace, knowing that your work awaits you nearby, ready to be conquered once you returned.

In the heart of downtown Eau Claire, a charming tapestry of local shops and restaurants awaits your exploration. Boutique stores offer treasures waiting to be discovered, while culinary delights tantalize your taste buds. Between work sessions, meander through the city's streets and indulge in delectable experiences and delighting in the unique offerings of local artisans. This vibrant tapestry of flavors and encounters will surely add color to your workation canvas.

Shopper looks at products in boutique store
Pictured: Hello Adorn Flagship Store; Photo Credit: @visiteauclaire

In the realm of coworking, CoLab offers everything you need. Modern facilities, reliable high-speed internet, and thoughtfully designed workstations form the backdrop for your productive endeavors. Our dynamic atmosphere fosters collaboration, allowing you to connect with fellow professionals and ignite sparks of creativity.

So, dear wanderer, if you seek a destination that embraces the fusion of work and play, venture to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Let its music, nature, and local wonders inspire your soul, while CoLab fuels your productivity. On your workation, the possibilities are endless, and the memories will be everlasting.

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