• Adam Accola

Take a Break. You NEED It.

What entrepreneurs can take away from the situation at the State Theatre.

Over the last couple of weeks in downtown Eau Claire has experienced some shakeups in the nonprofit scene.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, during the week of January 20, the State Theatre was disconnected from water, power, and heat due to unpaid bills.

The Luginbill Children’s Foundation, the building’s tenant, was responsible for maintaining the facility and providing the nonprofit groups it was working with a place to call their own with a safe and warm space to conduct their business.

As you can see, this did not happen.

On January 31, Joe Luginbill, the tenant and driving force behind the re-opening of the State Theatre released a statement that read, “the truth is that for a period of several months I have been completely overwhelmed.”

I have been completely overwhelmed.

We have all been there. Taking on too much, not taking a break when necessary, and then burning out.

So many people think that working longer hours and taking on more projects will only move them forward either personally or professionally.

Unfortunately, burnout can cause even more problems than taking on fewer projects or just saying “no” in the first place.

In this particular case, there are now a handful of nonprofit organizations without a place to conduct business and host programming, community leaders and partners who are confused and shocked, and supporters that are befuddled by how this has all shaken out.

Now, burnout can be handled far more effectively than this particular situation, but you can see how overworking yourself can create far more issues than opportunities.

As a manager, think about this before expecting employees to prioritize work over their personal life. Listen to your employees and help meet their needs. Give them breaks when necessary.

As an employee, communicate with your manager before you get to the point of burnout. Let them know you need a break or you have too much on your plate and work to resolve the problem together.

Taking a more proactive approach to reducing workaholic tendencies will positively affect your business's bottom line: reduced turnover and absenteeism, lowered healthcare costs, and increased productivity.

Yes, we are more productive when we limit the number of hours we work!

So make a note of this unfortunate circumstance and take a break. Please.



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