• Emily Elsner Twesme

Measuring the Illusive

I care about people.

Helping your business run more effectively is something I am passionate about.

I also love research.

Finding answers to problems and crating effective systems and methods for managers excites me.

Sharing that knowledge in a way that can be easily and quickly implemented is what I always strive for when working with my clients.

Too often, though, we focus on hard skills of our employees: Writing, reading, math, or the ability to use certain programs.

Things that are measurable.

Just as important, though, are soft skills: Resolving conflict, sharing your story with passion, identifying and embracing differences, time management, persuasion, and negotiation.

These topics will be explored across six weeks in Accelerate Your Learning Curve: Business Management for Entrepreneurs

Here’s how we’ll spend our time over the six-week series:

Week 1: Conflict Management

Conflict is all around us and avoiding it takes more time and energy than you think.

Learn to identify, manage, and resolve conflicts with colleagues and clients alike.

We’ll work through two different case studies (conflict with a colleague and a client) to practice dealing with the nuances of each situation.

Week 2: Speaking Authentically & Marketing Yourself

Owning a business is as much about selling your brand/product as it is about marketing yourself.

We’ll spend time talking about getting to the “essence” of your business and how you can share your unique message with others, in a format that makes sense for you and your consumers.

Part ‘public’ speaking and part branding, you’ll practice pitching yourself and your business in a variety of different settings.

Week 3: Embracing Differences

Today’s workforce is a unique environment: never before have we experienced such a range in ages and racial diversity.

Throw in gender and sexual orientation, and the climate is ripe for challenging situations, yes, but also for INCREDIBLE collaborations.

We’ll discuss differences and how you can embrace (rather than fear) them in your business and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Week 4: Time Management and Balance

Everyone is busy, but perhaps entrepreneurs are the busiest people of them all.

Entrepreneurs have to learn how to wear multiple hats - often for the first time, and often all at once.

Learn how to prioritize, when to say “yes” and “no,” and strategies for turning “off” your business brain for reprieve every now and again.

Week 5: Persuading the Challengers

Inevitably, there are going to be people along your journey that are going to say “no,” even when they desperately need your product or service.

We’ll learn persuasive strategies so that you’ll be ready the next time you need to create a sales pitch, work with a lender, or close the deal with a key partner.

Week 6: Everyday Negotiation

Negotiating is truly an art: There are principle components, but when done skillfully, a negotiation can look very different, depending on the person.

We’ll discuss the fundamentals and how they can be applied - formally and informally - in a variety of different situations that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

Case studies will be a meaningful way to conclude our class and practice all of the skills we have been building over the six weeks.

Ready to get started?

You already have the passion: go all-in and accelerate your learning curve.

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Learn more about me and this course in this blog post!

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Dr. Emily Elsner Twesme, owner and operator, has a doctorate in business administration and extensive experience as both a manager and business communication instructor.

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