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Embrace the Future of Coworking: A Guide to Remote Work Empowerment and Coworking Aggregators

The way we work has drastically changed since 2020. Since pivoting to fully remote or hybrid models for work, large teams with dispersed workforces need solutions that work for their entire team, regardless of where they are located.

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With the flexibility to work from anywhere, and with many companies downsizing their physical office spaces, professionals are seeking dynamic spaces that foster creativity, connection, and community.

In this blog post, we'll delve into coworking space aggregators and explore how platforms like Upflex, Deskpass, Flexspace, and Desana revolutionize the remote work experience, giving companies flexible workspace options for their employees, and empowering professionals to thrive in the digital age.

CoLab is listed on all four of these coworking aggregators, allowing companies who work with them to gain access to our space in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Coworking Space Aggregators: Unlocking Freedom and Flexibility

Coworking space aggregators act as gateways to a national, and often, global network of diverse workspaces, providing remote workers with unparalleled flexibility and choice. By partnering with leading coworking spaces worldwide, these platforms seamlessly connect professionals with their ideal work environments, transcending the limitations of traditional office setups.


Upflex Logo

The challenge of hybrid, solved.

Talent wants flexibility. Employers need simpler, more affordable, more sustainable solutions for managing the hybrid workplace. Upflex has solutions that bridge the gap.

With Upflex’s on-demand model, your team gets access to some of the world’s best flex desks and meeting rooms, when and where they’re needed. Book via the innovative, easy-to-use platform, and gather rich, actionable usage data as you go.

Upflex brings flexibility and choice to hybrid work with a global network of high-quality workspaces, from hundreds of industry-leading coworking space providers, in 80+ countries around the world.


Deskpass Logo

Work from anywhere.

Deskpass connects people to the amazing workspaces they need today to help companies create the hybrid workplaces of tomorrow.

When people work in convenient, comfortable, and safe spaces they are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction and productivity.

With the tools and resources available for remote working, any individual or team has the ability to work from a well-appointed coworking space. Enabling them to do their best work, while building companies that emphasize the health and wellness benefits that people value today.

Deskpass has locations in 184 cities across 22 countries and continues to grow!


Flexspace Logo

Flexspace is an on-demand workspace platform that gives companies access to real-time co-working space availability that employees can book right from their calendars.

In a new world of hybrid and remote work, their goal is to provide customers with the flexibility and space your employees need to thrive.

With pay-as-you-go and bulk pricing plans, Flexspace offers you full control of your hybrid work experience to design a plan that works for your team.


Desana Logo

One app. One dashboard. One invoice.

Desana enables staff to easily find and book desks and meeting rooms across a global network of flexible workspaces—or your own offices—from the same app. This means less reliance on long-term leases, and way more flexibility for your teams.

As remote work continues to reshape the modern work landscape, coworking space aggregators such as Upflex, Deskpass, Flexspace, and Desana play a pivotal role in empowering companies to find their ideal work environments for their employees.

These platforms provide the freedom, flexibility, and variety necessary for remote workers to thrive, ensuring that the digital era remains a catalyst for creativity, productivity, and meaningful connections.

Embrace the future of coworking and unlock the endless possibilities that await within these innovative platforms.

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