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CoLab Roundtable Chats

Updated: Apr 17

Starting on Friday, April 10, 2020 we are offering a new arm of programming: Roundtable Chats.

Roundtable Chats are focused conversations around a particular topic.

Led by an industry professional, these chats are meant to encourage a meaningful conversation about big picture topics while answering a specific question posed in advance.

At the end of each session, participants will feel more educated about the broad topic discussed, and leave with valuable takeaways and strategic knowledge on what to do when faced with that situation in the future.

Conversation Guidelines

In order to direct conversation in a productive and positive way, we will follow these guidelines:

  • More than a workshop, these chats are meant to create meaningful conversations amongst event attendees

  • Participants are expected to create meaningful answers to the question posed with all discussion elements

  • Sharing of personal experiences is encouraged, but should move the conversation forward

  • Participants should avoid expressing simple complaints, airing grievances, or otherwise generalizing other individuals or groups in ways that are counterproductive to conversation

  • Participants should avoid giving advice, especially if they have not implemented that advice in their own business in advance.

  • Participants should share successes they have had with the topic, milestones that they have achieved and how they achieved those, situations they have encountered that end with a specific question, and how they were able to turn negative situations into positive ones

  • Participants all acknowledge that participation is encouraged by everyone and will do their best to respect everyone’s time and not monopolize conversation

These conversations will revolve around various topics including:

Check out our events page for more information and to register for upcoming Roundtable Chats



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