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Starting a Small Business in Wisconsin

I’ve got a great business idea; now what?

There’s a tremendous difference between a business idea and a business opportunity! We can help new business owners turn ideas into opportunities.

Do I really need a business plan?

Yes, even if you’re not seeking funding, having a plan to launch your business is a key to success—we can help.

Will my business idea be a success?

We can help you conduct market research and market assessments to determine potential demand and develop a plan to get desired business results.

Is it time to hire?

Full-time employees or contractors? We’ll work with you to determine the optimum business model for maximum efficiency—and help you find the people you need.

Where can we find basic business resources and support?

We’ll help you find the resources you need to handle the administrative basics of your business—from accounting to legal services.

Where can we find seed capital to get our small business off the ground?

Musky Tank can help you identify and implement options like crowdfunding, equity funding, back funding and more.

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