Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with Monthly Membership?

Please check out our membership page for the most up-to-date listing of amenities at each membership level.

Some highlights:

  • 24/7 access to CoLab

  • WiFi

  • Coffee & other beverages

  • Reservable Conference Rooms & Phone Booths

  • Black & White and Color Printing

What is the difference between a Day Pass and Monthly Membership?

A Day Pass or Punch Card (5 Day Passes) is a single purchase that allows you to use our space for as many days as you purchase at that time. Additional Day Passes or Punch Cards can be purchased at any time and do not have to be used consecutively. There is no minimum commitment for Day Pass or Punch Card users.

Day Passes and Punch Cards give you Monday through Friday access to CoLab between 9a-5p. You will need the Kisi application on your phone to unlock the door outside of staffed hours- using the Kisi app to unlock the door will use one Day Pass (or punch).

Day Pass and Punch Card users are able to book conference rooms, but are subject to that day’s availability- there is no advanced booking of conference rooms for Day Pass or Punch Card users.

A Monthly Membership grants users full access to CoLab 24/7. Monthly Memberships also allow for advanced booking of Conference Rooms. There is a minimum 3-month commitment for Flex Memberships and a 6-month minimum commitment for Dedicated Desk Membership. Hot Desk Membership is available on a month-to-month basis for $120/month and includes associated benefits of Flex Membership.

Who works at CoLab?


Our coworking community is made up of entrepreneurs, startup companies, nonprofits, remote workers, students, interns, and employees for other companies. 

How do you bill membership?


We have several options for billing to suit your needs!

  1. Personal Credit/Debit Card- Put your card on file with us and we’ll charge it every month

  2. Company Credit/Debit Card- Put your card on file with us and receive a receipt each month for tracking.

  3. Company Invoice & Payment- Need us to invoice your company? No problem!


You will be invoiced on the 1st of each month for your membership. Cards on file will be charged on the 8th of each month.


I want to start my membership, but it’s mid-month. Do I need to wait?


Nope! We will prorate your first month’s bill, so you’ll only pay for the days you use.


What COVID policies are in place?


See our COVID-19 page for updated policies and procedures at CoLab.


Do you have private offices?

At this time, we do not have private offices. Beginning in June 2022, options for Private Offices will be available.


Please reach out to if you are interested in this option.


I am looking for a space to host a meeting- can I host it at CoLab?


We have four Zoom-equipped Conference Rooms available for non-members to reserve as event rentals.

Non-members can directly book our Conference Rooms here.

Please reach out to for questions, more information, or accommodations.

What is included with the Virtual Office Membership?


Our newest Monthly Membership level is the Virtual Office Membership.


Our Virtual Office Membership is perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur or remote-friendly company that needs a business address to call home. Every month you get 1 complimentary conference room hour and 3 day passes to use.


The Virtual Office Membership includes:

  • Virtual Mailbox powered by PilotoMail to manage your snail mail from anywhere in the world

  • 3 Day Passes*- access CoLab 3 days/month, add more for only $5 each

  • 1 Conference Room Hour- use a conference room at CoLab for one hour each month

  • Access to CoLab Slack- stay connected and updated with all things happening at CoLab

  • Invitations to Members-only events- Presented by Northwestern Bank


This membership is an $80+ value, but is available for a limited time for only $50/month

*-Day Passes do not accumulate and must be used each month


What is a setup fee?


The setup fee is a one-time $10 charge when you begin your membership. This covers costs associated with paperwork and onboarding, and is only charged once for the duration of your membership.


What is a Virtual Mailbox?


A Virtual Mailbox for your postal mail-


View and manage your postal mail online. As you receive notifications on your incoming mail, simply log in and make action requests such as open and scan, hold, recycle, shred, or schedule curbside pickup.


This service is available for Flex & Dedicated Desk Memberships for an additional $10/month.


Where are you located?

Currently, we are located at 312 S Barstow St. Suite 2.


Right across from the Micon Budget Cinema, we are in the building with “Redeeming Grace Church” on the front. Walk in through the doors, hang a left, walk down the hallway and take the elevator to the second floor. We are in the office on the left at the top of the elevator.


If you have any difficulty finding our space, please call 715.514.2275


We have some exciting plans for our future, too:

In June 2022, we will be relocating to Barstow Commons located at 131 South Barstow St.

In early 2024, we will be relocating to the former Antique Emporium located at 306 Main St.


Stay up to date on these transitions by following us on Social Media!


Are there minimum term requirements for Monthly Memberships?




There is a minimum 3-month commitment for Flex & Virtual Office Memberships and a 6-month minimum commitment for Dedicated Desk Membership. 


Hot Desk Membership is available on a month-to-month basis for $120/month and includes associated benefits of Flex Membership.


Do you offer discounts?

Startup businesses (5 years or less in operation) and nonprofit organizations may be eligible for a discount. Mention your status when inquiring about membership or booking a tour.

Member-referred Day Pass users also receive $10 Day Passes.

Not finding what you're looking  for?

Reach out to us at