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Launch Your Idea: From Stuck to Action in Sixty Minutes

In this one-hour workshop you’ll create a simple and effective two-week plan to launch your idea into the world, and quickly let go of the habits that are keeping you stuck in endless planning / strategy cycles.

Launch Your Idea: From Stuck to Action in Sixty Minutes
Launch Your Idea: From Stuck to Action in Sixty Minutes


Event is Pre-Recorded

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About the Event

Originally Recorded: Tuesday, November 15, 2022 | 12 p.m.

About this Workshop

Have you been walking around with a juicy idea for a business venture or project but you’re stalling in your progress? Maybe the what-ifs and doubts sound too loud or you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’re not feeling stuck in your process, but you want to make some big moves quickly.

In this one hour workshop you’ll create a straightforward launch plan for your idea that will have you quickly connecting with your ideal customers and audiences. You’ll learn to recognize when you're using extensive planning and research work as procrastination or protection from failure, and how to sidestep the habits that are slowing you down. You’ll leave the workshop with clarity about your next steps, excitement to move forward, and strategies to stay accountable to your plan.

This workshop offers a blend of coaching and guidance (i.e. Here's Step 1, here's Step 2 ... ) – it’s designed for you to be introspective and recognize habits that do or do not help you; and get into the details about how to launch your idea quickly. All are welcome including entrepreneurs; leaders of businesses, teams, and organizations; and people with ideas for personal passion and side projects.

Main Takeaways

  • Design a short, quick-to-implement, results-oriented action plan that launches your idea, connects to your audience, and directs your next phase of development.
  • Identify what’s hindering your momentum - when is your research, planning, etc., actually procrastination or shielding you from a fear?
  • Be ready to hit the ground running with an implementation plan and strategies for support and accountability.
  • Get re-inspired by your idea and excited about its potential.
  • Recognizing that the feelings of procrastination, concerns of failure, etc., are a common part of taking a step to something new and exciting. It means you're on to something good!
  • Develop skills to support others in your business, teams, and organizations to move powerfully forward in new projects.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Anyone with an idea that they want to get started on quickly
  • Entrepreneurs – first-time and long-time, individuals and teams
  • Leaders of businesses, community organizations, or teams who want to try something new in their organization or support others to try new things
  • Anyone who has a side project they are excited about but not sure how to get started (a product, service, passion project)
  • People who like to be in action and find satisfaction in personal development and learning

About Our Presenter

Kate Holmes Thompson (she / her) is a professional leadership and executive coach. Kate supports people to develop mindsets and habits that lead to deeper satisfaction and success in their leadership, work, and lives. Her clients use coaching to expand their leadership in their work, life, and communities, stretch into new experiences and challenges with greater confidence and fulfillment, and trust themselves more deeply. Through coaching, her clients create deep personal transformation and find they spend less time in self-doubt and fear, and more time living their own agenda and pursuing new ventures.  Kate’s clients come from all career backgrounds – tech, nonprofit, design, healthcare, creative and performing arts, and leadership at all levels. She loves working with people who are curious, constant learners, who know their own great potential, and are excited to leap into that next level. Kate is a professionally-trained coach and member of the ICF.

This event is a part of Startup Chippewa Valley Week Presented By Royal Credit Union. For more information and other events, please visit our website!

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