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Intentional Planning

Teaching women and those who identify as women how to set, plan, and achieve realistic goals while feeling unconditional self-acceptance, joy, calm, and ease. Instead of getting joy from your goal, it flows through the process of achieving it.

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Intentional Planning
Intentional Planning


Nov 15, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Forage, 403 S Barstow St, Eau Claire, WI 54701, USA

About the Event

People all over the world have goals that they never reach - and they shame themselves for it. They may feel frustrated, guilt, shame, or embarrassment for “failing”. Learn how to set, plan, and achieve your goals while feeling unconditional self-acceptance, joy, calm, and ease. Instead of waiting to get joy from your goal, learn how it flows through the process of achieving it.

You don’t need to “earn” the right to live with joy and ease by reaching your goals first. You deserve to feel this way today, simply because you exist. This workshop will not give you another item to add to your to-do list. This is also not a magic solution to reaching all your goals. This is real hands-on training with tools and practical exercises that will leave you calm and secure in yourself as you learn how to create a realistic plan for all your goals.

Sneak peak: Dawnell will establish a safe space where she will guide you through a gentle reflection encompassing mindset, emotional detachment, reframing “should'' goals to set “true” goals, and coping with deep-rooted stressful life situations that may hold you back from reaching your goals. Then you will learn how to set, plan, and reach measurable goals in 4 simple steps. Lastly, you will learn practical exercises to increase productivity while working towards their goals.

You will leave with tools and practical exercises that you can continue to use whenever you are feeling strong negative emotions such as frustration, guilt, shame, anxiety, insecurity, or embarrassment. If reaching your goals was a simple process, wouldn’t you have discovered it by now?

Bonus! You may experience a turning point on which everything from here on out changes — for the good of yourself, your community & the world.

Main Takeaways:

  • 4 Steps To Calm + Peace Of Mind Guide
  • Emotional Detachment Exercises
  • Intentional Planning Workbook
  • Practical Productivity Exercises
  • Practical Mindset Tips

Who Should Attend This Program?

  • Women and those who identify as women
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Mom entrepreneurs
  • UWEC entrepreneur students
  • UWEC students
  • People who are extremely busy in their business/school/lives, but they feel guilty for taking time to themselves. They feel like they have to “push through” before they “deserve” to relax. They have built up a tolerance for overworking and experience background anxiety when they aren’t working.

About our Speaker:

Hi, I'm Dawnell Kelly, a woman who learned (the hard way) how to accept what is - without infusing emotional drama into it.

But first, I served in the Navy for a number of years as a shipboard firefighter where I fell in love with training others. Then I moved on to getting a degree in Kinesiology and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. I started personal training and coaching on healthy habits - and I loved it! I really dived deep into the study of the mind-body connection and it was fascinating. But I soon realized that it wasn't enough. There was more to being healthy than eating well and losing weight.

It took me years of struggling with my mental health to realize this. I bottomed out with a mattress on the floor when things started to turn around.

I tried every self-help book, program, inner and outer healing work, vitamins, meditation practices - everything that I could get my hands on.

I've always been a problem solver. I figured if I could create a checklist of self-care tasks, then I would be happy. I ended up only adding to my to-do list. I was looking externally for internal calm and ease. Looking out there for inner peace. Out of this darkness, I discovered a way to shift out of "should-shaming" and into unconditional self-acceptance. I call it Life-Balance By Design.

This is a practical training on how to recognize and cope with “should-shaming” thoughts, negative beliefs, and the physical reactions that we have to them. It helps you discover what your ideal looks like in all areas (physical, mental, emotional, personal growth, etc.) and in all your relationships. The ultimate result is living with consistent joy, calm, and ease.

There is no finish line where our lives are perfect. This is an ongoing process.

But we can find peace.

We can feel calm and at ease no matter what is happening in our lives.

This takes grace, which is why it's critical to accept what is in this moment - without infusing emotional drama into it.

And I can teach you exactly how to do that.

This event is a part of Startup Chippewa Valley Week Presented By Royal Credit Union. For more information and other events, please visit our website!

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