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Entrepreneur Life: Setting Boundaries for Success

Entrepreneur Life: Setting Boundaries for Success
Entrepreneur Life: Setting Boundaries for Success


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About the Event

This workshop was originally recorded on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 as a part of Startup Eau Claire Week.

One thing that often gets left out of the entrepreneur journey is the struggle to balance launching a business while still participating in the rest of your life. When you work for someone else, there are often set hours and expectations. But when you start working for yourself, those set hours and expectations disappear.

This can be a good thing! Many of us become entrepreneurs for a more flexible schedule. However, this freedom can also just as easily lead to excessive work that can quickly encroach on the rest of your life. Learn tips and strategies for balancing your new business with your everyday responsibilities from someone who's been there!

About our Presenter, Emily Elsner Twesme:

My super-hero strengths are being a great listener, researcher, and problem-solver. I am passionate about creating healthy, positive organizational environments to help employees thrive.

I have a doctorate in business administration and extensive experience both as a manager and a business communication instructor.

Favorite activities: scootering with 2-legged kids, walking the 4-legged kids, or baking up a storm in the kitchen.

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