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Create a Mindset Plan for Your Business

Learn to avoid becoming your business's own worst enemy in this interactive workshop!

Create a Mindset Plan for Your Business
Create a Mindset Plan for Your Business


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About the Event

This Workshop was originally recorded on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 as a part of Startup Eau Claire Week.

Learn to avoid becoming your business's own worst enemy in this interactive workshop!

We all know how damn hard it is to start a business. The suggestion, and sometimes requirement, to create a business plan to clarify what problem we are solving, how we uniquely solve it, who our target market is and how we will reach them, and who is on our team inside and outside of our company to best deliver what we are selling, can help bring more certainty to our ventures. But a traditional business plan misses something that is a huge part of the success (or failure) of your business: YOU.

Starting a business all hinges on our ability to convince not only ourselves, but eventually a whole bunch of other people, to believe in something that doesn’t (yet) exist! This will expose every inch of self-doubt and insecurity you have. I know this because I’ve seen it in myself as I’ve started my own business, and in the many clients I’ve coached.

Having the tools and framework to rely on to buoy your belief in your product or service, and the belief in yourself, can prevent you from giving up on your dreams of business ownership.

In this workshop, we begin to create a Mindset Plan for your Business that will give you the framework to build a solid foundation from which your business can grow and thrive.

Working through this framework will help you see the direction your business is headed, and check in to make sure it is where you want to be going. This will lead to a much less stressful, and much more joyful, experience of starting your business.

Beth Crowell, The Hippie Banker, helps bridge the gap between small business applicants and their commercial lender, making it easier and faster for small businesses to obtain traditional financing to start or grow businesses.

As a business loan consultant, she empowers loan applicants with the knowledge and confidence to best position themselves for loan approval, as well as handle the work of getting a business loan on behalf of BOTH the applicant and the lender.

Beth also provides coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners to help them overcome fear, stay focused and accountable, understand their financial statements and use them as tools to manage their business, and navigate the day to day ups and downs of starting or running a business.

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