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Building a Strong Brand Through Online Community

Discussion with startups and small businesses on the importance of their online community space.

Building a Strong Brand Through Online Community
Building a Strong Brand Through Online Community


Event is Pre-Recorded

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About the Event

Originally Recorded: Thursday, November 17, 2022 | 11 a.m.

Presented by Jamf

About This Event

Determine what kind of community space you'd like to create:

Is this community to gain knowledge and exchange ideas on using your products? A Q&A community, where you post questions and get answers or locate solutions? Etc.

Determine what is possible for you to support:

Once your community is up and going, someone will need to help maintain it. Think about the level of response time you'd like to provide to your community members. Do you have the staff to support it? Do you have the customer base to support it? What does it look like to leverage your customers as brand ambassadors or "leveled up" community members? And how do you recognize them and work with them when they are no longer in love with your brand?

Determine what platform you'd like to use for your community:

While there are platforms like Facebook that offer community spaces for free, it doesn't mean that they will provide the best platform features and support to assist you in creating the most successful community space. A digital handout that provides an overview of different platform options can be provided.

Main Takeaways

  • Building community doesn't require in-person events.
  • Creating a strong brand involves feedback loops with customers.
  • Tools exist to guide you as you determine the type of community you want to build.

Who Should Attend?

  • Small business owners and leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Engaged employees

About Our Presenter

Calley O'Neill is the Community Engagement and Advocacy Specialist at Jamf. She is a member is the Jamf Community team. She joined the team in late April of 2021, just in time to help launch the new Jamf Nation community. Calley has a background in Educational Technology and has been active in the community engagement space for most of her career. What she loves most about her role at Jamf is working with customers and internal Jamfs in such a revolutionary community space, and she looks forward to sharing that enthusiasm with all of you!

This event is a part of Startup Chippewa Valley Week Presented By Royal Credit Union. For more information and other events, please visit our website!

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