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Altoona Container Park Event

This will be an open house to show off our new entrepreneur container park. A short ten-minute presentation at 4 p.m. will be followed by light refreshments and stations where people can see the park's designs.

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Altoona Container Park Event


Nov 16, 2022, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

The Fish House, 418 9th St W, Altoona, WI 54720, USA

About the Event

About This Event

The City of Altoona has been awarded a neighborhood investment grant to create micro-retail container space.  The project involves redeveloping two properties Altoona recently purchased in our downtown core as an office, restaurant, and retail incubator hub with a unique public space component.

The City plans to redevelop the subject parcels to accommodate prefabricated micro-retail units surrounding a public plaza designed to host community events and drive traffic to the micro-retailers.

All but one of the units would be leased to entrepreneurs at below-market rates, with the intent of only recovering directly attributable operational costs. Staff from the Eau Claire Economic Development Corporation and CoLab would support leasing activities.

One of the micro-retail units and a bathroom would be controlled by Altoona for operating public events and partnering with nonprofits to raise funds. The City would also program the stage.

The micro-retail units will be constructed by Containers UP, a Milwaukee-based company that has experience in micro-retail projects.

Main Takeaways

  • Explore future potential space for your business
  • Talk to the City about the space and what they see for programming and non-profit opportunities
  • Generate some buzz around re-using existing space and having less environmental impact on an area

Who Should Attend This Event?

  • Local businesses looking to take the next step into a retail space.
  • Local restauranteurs that might be looking for a different experience.
  • Financial representatives that might be interested in supporting local businesses.
  • People interested in alternative businesses that will be more eco-friendly in an area.

About Our Speaker

Mike Golat is the City Administrator for the City of Altoona.  Mr. Golat has worked hard with local businesses to develop a welcoming community with different retail experiences that have engendered an entrepreneur spirit and an exciting retail experience for both shoppers and vendors.

This event is a part of Startup Chippewa Valley Week Presented By Royal Credit Union. For more information and other events, please visit our website!

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