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From Start-up to Second Stage Growth

Is it time to move to a formal business setting?

Is it time to move (from your garage or kitchen table) to a formal business setting? We can help you explore options and find the right facility solutions for your needs.

How can we stay ahead of the competition?

Effectively managing growth requires constant focus—Musky Tank can help you position your company to capture market share to ensure business success.

Are we maximizing capital and cash flow to get our business to the next level?

We provide an unemotional analysis to help you optimize performance and boost your bottom line.

How can we replace board members or our leadership team to turn the company around?

We’ll help you identify who you need and help you get the right people in place.

Where can we find more funding to fuel our growth?

We’ll help you identify options, prepare proposals and coach you through the process to get the funding you need.

Should we grow through merger, acquisition or both?

Musky Tank can help you evaluate purchase or partnership options, consider acquisition opportunities—and assist with what can often be tricky transitions.

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