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When Your Business is in Trouble

What are the signs of a distressed business?

If your business is at risk there are some critical signs that we can help you identify and overcome to turn it around!

Are we at risk of bankruptcy?

Missing payroll—unpaid bills—outstanding receivables; these are some real signs of impending risk. We’ll provide a dispassionate analysis of your financial standing.

We’re losing customers and not finding new ones; what should we do?

We can help you conduct an extensive market analysis to curtail business loss and identify sources of new customers.

Do we have the right leadership to turn this company around?

You may not—we can help you determine what you need, and help you make what can be painful decisions.

We’re sinking fast! Where do we find the leadership we need now?

Musky Tank executives excel in business turnaround; we have decades of success and the results to prove it!

Where do we get the funding we need to stay in business?

Funding is a recurrent theme for businesses at any stage—start-up, growth or turnaround. We can help!

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